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  • Working Height:
  • 43.15(m)
  • Platform Height:
  • 41.15(m)
  • Platform Size:
  • 1.83 x 0.76(m)
  • Closed Length:
  • 12.93(m)
  • Closed Width:
  • 2.49 - operational 5.03(m)
  • Closed Height:
  • 3.09(m)
  • Outreach:
  • 21.26(m)
  • Max SWL:
  • 272(kg)
  • Weight (extended):
  • 20502(kg)

Ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications, the Genie® ZX-135/70 articulating boom lift delivers access to up, over and out applications inaccessible by a traditional jib. Four-wheel drive and steer means that this articulating boom can handle rough jobsite ground conditions with ease.


  • Mini Genie X-Chassis? system extends and retracts to provide both stability on the job and a narrow profile for transport
  • 3.66 m to 6.10 m (12 ft to 20 ft) telescoping Jib-Extend with a 110º vertical range of motion
  • 360º continuous rotation turntable and 160º platform rotation for fast, easy positioning
  • Four-wheel steer with front-wheel, rear-wheel, crab and coordinated steer options available to provide additional manoeuvrability